West coast of the USA

Who won’t dreaming about the USA? Everybody can find piece of themselves there. I have been dreaming about seeing La, Hollywood, Beverly Hills since I was six. And last year I had opportunity … It was something incredible. With my boyfriend we decided to start our journey in West Coast- Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

Let’s start with the flights:

One day my boyfriend asked me if I still want to see Palm Springs? I said of course and next day we had output ticket bought. The spontaneous decision are the best and make best memories!

Flight was from Manchester to Los Angeles. We chose Thomas Cook Airlines. The flight took us about twelve ours. It was my first such long journey and I was a bit nervous. But I had occasion to see Greenland from bird’s flight view. Thankfully there were no turbulence- lucky me! During that time we had one big meal- of course you can choose with meat or meal from vegetarians. I have chosen the one, which was without meat. – very nice 🙂 Except from this it was also mini dessert and breakfast.

The most important- price. Tickets to La and return cost us 250£ per person. So I think it was a great value.

Jet lag:

Recovering from it depends on how much is it spreading over time. For example differences between Poland and the USA was fourteen hours.

How to avoid it? To be honest I think it is impossible? In my case it last 3 day but it has some advantages. I was able to see sunrise from Griffin Observatory. I always try to take advantage of the time.

Renting a car:

We had rented a car in the company near the airport. When it comes to the best rent firm it dependents what kind of car and how much many you are able to spend for it. What is really helpful every renting firm has their own bus, which pick up customers from airport to place where u can take car. After all formal staff you can choose a car you want. Of course it isn’t that easy. The cars are in group cheap together, a bit better together and exclusive together.

The most important think to know- you have to have credit card to be able to rent a car. And of course the advance is charged. You can return car in the same city or in different- we took car from Los Angeles and gave it back in San Francisco.


I will give you more details about our hotels later in next posts. But what is very useful if you want save a bit on your room is for example booking a place when you want to sleep. Then you have to check if you can cancel your reservation for free. If you can you should visit this page ( I mean the best will be booking) every day, because one day your reserved room can be cheaper almost 20%. So the next step will be canceled reservation and book room again but in lower price. It is worth if and you have more money to spend.

All our stays we chose from booking. And we were looking for rooms, which have more than eight rating to avoid unpleasant situation for example with insects.

Good alternative can always be local renting room from Airbnb, but unfortunately we didn’t try it.


Gossips about fatty food are true. But if you want eat clean and fit you can always find something for yourself.

For breakfast I recommend :

– Denny’s

– Vickie’s dinner

– Omlete house

For cheapest option the best will be of course McDonald’s 🙂

If you want eat in better restaurant you have to notice that you will have to spend more money, especially in the Centre of Las Vegas or Los Angeles.

We had occasion to eat lunch at Sugar Factory. The portions of meals were enormous for me- read enough to be full. But it’s not all. You should try typical drinks there! They are worth their price ( 36-40$)

I couldn’t forget about my favorite place for lunch/ dinner. It’s Bubba Gump Shrimps! The best place for condensers of shrimps. You can find it in Los Angeles and in Las Vegas. Prices are affordable. I would say it’s between 15-40$ for food and drink.

In next posts I will write you more details about city I was able to see. California it’s heaven on the Earth for somebody who loves chill, party, sightseeing and know different culture.